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Ghost MV1 Review by Vaporizerblog.com

Introduction to Ghost MV1 Review

Again from the lifeless. The Ghost MV1 has been re-launched after it initially fell in need of hyped expectations. Issues fastened, it’s a unprecedented gadget that may nonetheless polarize vape users.  However the unimaginable vapor high quality changed the thoughts of our initially skeptical reviewer and left him reaching for the superlatives.

The Ghost MV1 hit the market in 2017 to feverish pre-launch excitement throughout the vape world.

Word was this – the primary vape from new entrants Ghost Herbal Concepts Ltd – was going to re-set the benchmark for on-demand, true convection vapor, with its all-new proprietary tech and radical design.

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The Ghost MV1 provides uncompromised full convection flavour with near zero draw resistance. Ceramic crucible for herbs adds to the cleanness of the hit…

Teething Troubles

In the occasion, the Ghost flopped. Not because its tech and design were not extraordinary – they have been. But for what may be on reflection described as teething troubles: a leaky air path, warmth sink with a bent to scratch the retractable mouthpiece, unacceptable battery life and a few tolerance gaps in manufacturing.

Take Two…

The good news is GHC spent the subsequent 10 months ironing out these firmware and software issues, and re-launched the MV1 in 2018. The Vaperizerblog staff have been super excited when the system finally arrived; not having reviewed it on its unique launch we had by no means had our expectations squashed. Here’s what our reviewer thought…

Out the Field: Surprised (not in a good way)

The Ghost MV1 arrives in a top quality shopper packaging, as it ought to do for the worth! On un-boxing my preliminary reaction was: no. The dimensions, the load, the indescribable form. I just can’t see myself getting in to this in any respect. It’s like some glossy energy device…zero stealth…too heavy to be moveable…what the hell even is this?

Breaking Conference

The MV1 does go towards numerous business developments and aesthetic standards. For the last 6-7 years now, moveable vapes have been getting smaller, quicker, sleeker as they edged their means into mainstream use. As they reached ‘Oscar goodie bag’ ranges of shopper acceptance, they turned design objects at first, whereas simplicity of use was burdened on the expense of vapor quality, volume and effect.

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The Ghost MV1 gives uncompromised full convection flavour with near zero draw resistance. Ceramic crucible for herbs provides to the cleanness of the hit…

Reverse Engineering

In accordance with their website, GHC primarily labored backwards to reach on the MV1’s design:

“We began out by reverse engineering the highest promoting products out there,interviewing countless retailers & shoppers and creating a completeinsight into pre-existing applied sciences and the aspirations of our users. We targeted on what individuals have been unhappy about and then eliminated these designfaults from our product. “

Holy Grail of Vapes 1.Zero?

Having then developed their very own engineering methods and a brand new, ground-breaking know-how, they’ve built the primary era ‘holy grail’ (my phrase not theirs), as a result of what might any vape fan add to:

“On demand True Convection vaporization for dry herbs and concentrates, built to medical device standards, using only the highest quality materials, massive power with industry leading performance, ready in seconds with no temperature drop during use, no stirring, no charring, unique app functionality and a host of additional new features.”

Packing in the Energy

Okay, so an formidable aim and one I belief requires numerous energy, therefore the bulbous shape and heavy weight. It’s truly a fantastic object; shiny, strong, mysterious and clearly nicely constructed and finished. After the beneficial all night time initial battery charge, I was ready to attempt it out.

A chrome latch on the aspect opens a slide-out metallic bracket holding a ceramic, lidded crucible for the herbs. With holes within the crucible backside and holes within the steel lid, herb grind must be coarse to medium. Positive particles might escape the crucible.

Filling the Cradle

Round 0.15 grams of dryherb is right (moist herb will need grinding and drying before use). Don’t tamp down but fill the crucible to its brim. Make certain the rim is clean (no crumbs or oil) and place the lid on. Exchange within the cradle and close with a click. Inside silicone rings maintain the crucible in place and shut the air path.

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In concept I really like the purity of a ceramic crucible and the convenience of cleaning afforded by its full removing. In apply, it’s a fiddly operation. The lid is clearly not magnetic and it takes a couple of tries to get the hold of putting it within the cradle with out the lid flipping off. Persevere – it is going to be value it.

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The Ghost MV1 gives uncompromised full convection flavour with close to zero draw resistance. Ceramic crucible for herbs provides to the cleanness of the hit…

Start Ignition…

Triple pressing the massive metallic mode button close to the bottom of the MV1 turns it on to standby and shows the battery power. Pressing once more permits you to cycle by way of the pre-set temperatures.

The Ghost arrives with three pre-determined settings for dry herb, and two customizable ones which you can set with its app, and a mode for concentrates. Beyond switching between these 5 settings, there’s no solution to set a selected temperature from the gadget itself. However you possibly can go through the app and change one of the ‘favourites’ you’ve set.

Selecting your Temp

The presets of Low (340°F), Med (365°F) and Excessive (390°F), or 171/185/199°C may be a bit on the low aspect for many who take pleasure in a thicker cloud. However with the app you’ll be able to customize your settings anyplace between 300-470°F. But be warned that above 428°F/220°C dry herb turns into susceptible to combustion. Above 446°F/230°C I might only use for concentrates. Settings are indicated by the orange-green-red LED lights.

Let there be Heat

Rigorously pull the retractable plastic straw out of its housing contained in the metallic heat sump. Not all the best way out (apart from cleansing), but round 1⁄2 – three/four of an inch (1 cm). To activate the chosen heat, press the black vape button on the other aspect of the gadget. The MV1 provides a quick trill and 5-10 seconds later an extended buzz to indicate temperature reached. Now here’s the fascinating half – for on demand, true convection, it is advisable start inhaling and for 8-10 seconds you’ll get barely any vapor. Hold drawing and the production curve goes by means of the roof. Over the subsequent 5 seconds most if not all of the cannabinoids in your Zero.1-0.15 are launched.

Devastatingly Good Vapor

And Holy Mom, what successful! There’s nearly zero draw resistance, the vapor is as cool as from a water bubbler; you’ll be able to taste each nuanced terpenoid in your herb. In a word: ka-blam! When you began low you’ll be able to up the temp for a second hit, still full but not as tasty as the primary. Perhaps even a thin third when you whack it up to full heat.

But that’s it! Principally, one spectacularly superb 15-second lungful. Prime class flavor, prime class effect. This is not the vape you want for economical sipping; but it is going to be a delight for connoisseurs – and vape evangelists who need to show a skeptic just what a vape can ship. You already know the sort: “meh, I never get that high from vapes man…” The Ghost will S them TFU, assured.

Battery Power

I’m still on my first full cost as I write this however I hear 40, 50 as many as 90 hits are achievable from a full charge. Keep in mind that efficiency will fall with cost so at some stage you will want to up your temp a notch larger than you often have it. I also hear there are inaccuracies with the LED cost show, so it is possible for you to to vape even when the battery is supposedly very low.

Re-charging from empty takes a number of hours so in the event you’re a heavy every day consumer it’s your decision a spare battery (pops out and in actually simply) or higher, the optionally available fast charger (expensive, at $60).

Moveable & Packable

The Ghost is clearly moveable however you’ll want a bag to hump it around in, and it is sturdy enough to do so without worry. It’s by no means a pocket system, however it does ship tabletop energy from that bulbous type. The all medical and meals grade elements and proprietary tech are also apparent from the vapor quality.

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The Ghost MV1 presents uncompromised full convection flavour with close to zero draw resistance. Ceramic crucible for herbs adds to the cleanness of the hit…

E-Z 2 Clear

It’s straightforward to get spotlessly clean, the concentrate pad within the spare crucible works nicely. My solely actual gripe can be the LED mode show, but once you memorize the press sequences and play with the app, it’s not so worrisome. I personally would like a pleasant OLED display.

The Right Compromises

Yes, the Ghost is heavy and gawky, but its operation is straightforward (if fiddly) and it truly feels actually good in the hand. As with each different vape ever constructed, you make your decisions and endure the compromises. It’s about what you need from the expertise.

Don’t Watch for the Future

Anticipate firmware updates and tweaked operation and performance by way of the app. I can envision that just like the Firefly-to-Firefly 2 (which along with S&B’s Mighty occupies the price-performance area into which the Ghost has launched), the subsequent Ghost shall be smaller and lighter. Should you can’t wait until then for final vapor, there’s no want to. The Ghost MV1 is already delivering that reliably.


  • Thick, flavoursome vapor Properly constructed
  • Ceramic crucible
  • Clear, cool air path
  • Good battery life
  • On demand, true convection


  • Heavy, cumbersome
  • Lower than economical Not low cost
  • Long cost by USB

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